BrainCore Therapy Centers of NJ

BrainCore Therapy of Eatontown, LLC

Jordan L. Kovacs, DC, BCN

117 State Route 35, Suite 2

Eatontown, NJ 07724


One building north of the Toys R Us plaza

BrainCore Therapy of Manasquan, LLC

Frank R. Stiso, DC, BCN

1903 Atlantic Ave

Manasquan, NJ 08736


Across from the Atlantic Club

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“If the brain were so simple that we could understand it,

we would be too simple to do so.”

The systems that govern the brain are the most compact and complex on earth. Despite the fact that more has been learned about the brain in the last 30 years than in all of human history, science has not come close to understanding how all the pieces fit together to create human consciousness.

How BrainCore Works

Your Different States of Mind

The electrical signals traveling along the neurons are like packets of information that integrate the different parts of the brain. These signals are expressed on the scalp as brain waves that can be measured using the BrainCore instrument. Each brain wave represents a different level of consciousness or state of mind. There are four distinct brain wave frequencies:Brain wave frequency is defined as the number of times per second that the wave repeats itself.

Beta waves are considered fast waves of 14 Hz to 30 Hz frequency range. They are normally produced when your brain is in an active state of mind such as when you are actively engaging in a thought process or trying to solve a problem. It represents a focused and concentrated level of consciousness. Alpha waves are produced when your brain is in a “quiet awareness” state of mind. Alpha frequency brain waves are slightly slower than beta in the frequency range of 9 Hz to 13 Hz. Your brain produces more alpha with your eyes closed because when your eyes are closed you are not distracted by the outside world and you are better able to internally focus. Theta waves are slightly slower than alpha waves in the frequency range of 4 Hz to 8 Hz. Theta is associated with that state of mind that you experience when you are just about to fall asleep or when you are meditating. It is a highly internalized state of consciousness and it is where many of our creative ideas are born. Delta waves are associated with deep sleep and they are the slowest brain wave in the frequency range of 1 Hz to 3 Hz.

BrainCore – A Window to the Brain

Using non-invasive surface sensors that are placed on the surface of the scalp, the BrainCore system is able to translate these brainwaves on to a computer screen for observation. The sensors are placed on the scalp using a paste and do not puncture the skin at all so they are non invasive. It is important to note that the sensors do NOT involve the application of electrical current, they are simply collecting the electrical signals coming from the brain and displaying them on the computer screen. Observation of these signals as brain waves allows the BrainCore clinician to identify specific abnormalities.

Brain Waves and ADD/ADHD

Researchers have found that children and adults with ADD/ADHD have 30% more slow (theta) brain wave activity when performing cognitive tasks. Medications such as Ritalin help “calm down” children by artificially increasing their level of brain activation and as a result temporarily relieve symptoms. BrainCore Therapy trains children (and adults) to employ self regulation techniques to increase the level of fast (beta) wave activity as needed, alleviating symptoms long-term and often eliminating medication.